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Disaster Recovery

What’s your plan to restore business operation when disaster strikes?

Although disastrous events are infrequent but when they do strike it can be catastrophic for organization. Recent hurricanes, floods and earthquakes reminds us how critical are effective business continuity and recovery plans. Inability to recover can potentially throw company out of business and even worst by having to pay million in fines.

Less destructive, localized but frequent events, such as, equipment failure, power outage, theft, uplink failure contributes majorly to downtime and sends unpleasant vibes to both internal and external customer.

Argus helps you build and maintain a highly effective business continuity and disaster recovery protection plan that underpins a highly reliable and resilient “always on” IT infrastructure. Done properly, it highlights any inconsistencies that could prevent successful recovery during a disaster, allowing IT to easily maintain disaster recovery readiness.

If you don’t have a disaster recovery strategy yet, we can help you create your own plan. Our disaster recovery specialists can review your environment and propose a mix of resiliency tools that can help you achieve your recovery targets—all within your budget.

Since every organization is unique, so are our solutions, to help recover business operations if disaster strikes. We offer tailor-made solution for customers to meet their business expectations. Please feel welcome to give us call on 800-638-0816 for any inquiry.